Intuit Email Login : How to Update Your Email Address

How to update your email address of the Intuit login

Step by Step Process to update email

Step 1:

  • Sign in to My Account.
  • If you face any problem while signing in then click here.

Step 2:

Go the top right of My Account page, check whether you have opened the correct company. Otherwise, click on the correct company.

Step 3:

  • Scroll the cursor down to the Authorized Users list, and select your name in the list.
  • Only the contact info can be updated. If there is a requirement to setup  the phone and email of another QuickBooks user, you need to have the user login to My Account and update the info.

Step 4:

Get your Email Updated.

Step 5:

Select Save and Close.


  • In case you do not have access to the email used where you signed up and created a login:
  • If you cannot access to the email you used when you created your account, a request can be made to change your Intuit account Email address here.

Current turn about time is approximately 2-5 hours

Contact us:

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QuickBooks administrator and password : recover and setup

In this article we explains how to create a QuickBooks administrator and password

By following this tutorial you can create an administrator for QuickBooks and assign him a password.

Important Assumptions

This tutorial should only be used to assist a customer with a payroll-related issue.

Important Details

In case you have an administrator set up, it will appear in the User List as either Admin or User Name.

Step by step process to setup QuickBooks administrator and password

Step 1:

To view the User List: Go to Company > Set up Users and Passwords > Set up Users.

Step 2:

Decide who will be the administrator. Select someone who is usually available in your office.

Step 3:

Select Company > Set up Users and Passwords > Set Up Users.

Step 4:

In the User List window, choose Admin and select Edit User.

Step 5:

  • Input the name of the person who will be the administrator.
  • Input a password in the Administrator’s Password field.
  • Input the password again in the Confirm Password field.
QuickBooks administrator and password

Step 6:

Select the Challenge Question drop-down arrow, Click a question, and then input the answer in the Challenge Answer field.

Step 7:

  • Select Next > Finish.
  • Transfer it to QuickBooks Technical Support customers who requires assistance with resetting the QuickBooks administrator password. For Payroll issues that need QuickBooks admin password reset, follow Troubleshooting QuickBooks password.

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What is “error 1326” and how can it be corrected? – QuickBooks?

When the user is updating to the latest revision of QuickBooks it is not unusual to process into errors when their updates are updating is being functional. QuickBooks error 1326 arises due to window registry system or due to certain computer files are broken or missing. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes and resolution of the error. If the user wants to connect with us, they can call on QuickBooks Technical Support Number.

What are the causes of the QuickBooks Error 1326?

There could be multiple causes of the QuickBooks Error 1326.

  • Imperfect installation or damaged download of the QuickBooks bookkeeping application.
  • Corrupted and damaged in windows registry from a latest QuickBooks Accounting associated application modification.
  • Malware and virus infection which has corrupted the windows system file or QB accounting program files.
  • Incorrectly or maliciously programs removed QuickBooks Accounting files.

How can you resolve the QuickBooks Error 1326?

  • The user needs to restore the registry entries which is directly linked with QuickBooks Error 1326
  • To remove the system infection the user can scan the computer.
  • The user needs to complete the cleanup procedure, it indicates that the temp file needs to delete as soon as possible.
  • With the help of Disk Cleanup, the user can delete the entire temp section file to fix the error.
  • The user needs to get a new drive for the workplace
  • Windows System Restore needs to complete and undo the fresh computer alternations.
  • Reinstall and uninstall the accounting program which is connected with QuickBooks Error 1326.
  • Now the user needs to run the window system file assessor.
  • Now the user would have to install every and each update which is and, the final step includes cleaning up of the Installation of the Windows obtainable with windows.

Above resolution steps are very easy and simple; the user can follow these steps to fix the error. On the other hand, if they want to get support from us through our technical team, they can call on our toll-free number. QuickBooks Technical Support team is always ready to help them. QuickBooks chat support services is another communication way to connect with us. For more detail, you can visit our official websites.

Source: We are check the Quickbooks telephone Support number

Call us at: 1800-865-4183.

How To Create A Separate Bonus Paycheck In QuickBooks

Create A Separate Bonus Paycheck

Step 1 –

Begin creating payroll according to your regular process.

If you use payroll schedules, process the bonus check as an unscheduled payroll to avoid date discrepancies in your next scheduled payroll.

Here are the steps to create a paycheck using unscheduled payroll:-

  • Click on the Employees which is on the top of the menu bar. Then, select Pay Employees.
  • Now, select Unscheduled Payroll from the list.

Step 2 –

Check mark the name of employee(s) that you want to create a bonus check for, then click on the Open Paycheck Detail button.

Step 3 –

In the Earnings box of the Preview Paycheck window, click on the Item Name column to get a drop-down menu, and then select a bonus item.

Step 4 –

In the Rate column, enter the gross amount of the bonus.

Step 5 –

Click on Save and Close or Save and Next to continue creating additional bonus paychecks.

QuickBooks support number

QuickBooks will calculate the withholding taxes according to the Filing Status and the Allowances in the Employee Profile. You must need to consider the taxability of bonuses. The net pay bonus check can drastically change that is based upon the selection and the disbursal of taxes. For options on changing the tax disbursal on the bonus, you need to know about create a bonus paycheck.

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How To Set Up A Bonus Payroll Item In QuickBooks

There are several options when you pay bonuses to employees, and that include the pay bonus amount that is on the employee’s regular paycheck, reporting a cash or gift bonus through a paycheck, or creating a separate paycheck for the bonus amount only.If you want to set up all of your payroll such as compensation, benefits, employees, taxes, and the payroll history, then you have to run the Payroll Setup interview.If you pay your employees one-time bonuses, you can set up bonus payroll items to track the bonuses you pay.

Here are the steps to set up a bonus payroll item

Step 1 –

Go to the Lists menu and then click Payroll Item List.

Step 2 –

Click the Payroll Item button and then click New.

Step 3 –

Choose either EZ Setup (that is for most of the users) or the Custom Setup (for the advanced users), and then click on Next button.

Step 4 –

Choose the type of item that you want to set up. click on Next.

Step 5 –

Now you have to follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 6 –

Click on the Prev. button to go back to a previous window.

Step 7 –

Now, click on the Finish button when you are done.

QuickBooks Instant Help:

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How to Print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks

Once you finished running payroll for the current year and W-2 forms are available, you may print and file your W-2 forms. Mentioned below is the process to prepare and print W-2 forms without payroll subscription from QuickBooks.

Requirements to prepare W-2 forms

Supported QuickBooks Version:

Intuit usually provides support for the latest three versions only, ensure that you are using a supported QuickBooks Desktop version.

Active QuickBooks Payroll:

You should have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription (Standard or Enhanced Payroll Service) to do payroll forms related activities.

Latest Payroll Tax Table:

Latest Payroll Tax Table ensures correct payroll tax calculations.

W-2 papers and Print options:

You should have W-2 papers that work with your payroll service and the printer( For inkjet printer, use preprinted forms and for laser printer, use either blank / perforated papers or preprinted forms for best results).

How to print w-2 forms
Print w-2 forms

Mentioned below are the steps to print W-2 forms in QuickBooks Desktop version

  1. From the menu bar go to Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Process Payroll Forms

2. Select Annual Form W-2/W-3 – Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal in the File Forms section and click the Create Form button

3.In the File Forms window, use the scroll bar to scroll down the list. If you do not see the form in the list, the  form may be inactive.To activate the form, click the Forms drop-down arrow, and choose Make a New Form Active.

Click the State drop-down arrow and choose Federal.

Select the W-2 form, and click Add Form.

Now you should be able to find and select the W-2 form in the File Forms section

4. In the Process W-2s for options, select All Employees or select Employee’s Last Name (choose From and To) to file by batch

5.In the SELECT FILING PERIOD section, in the Year field, enter the year of the form you are printing and click OK.

  • If you choose to print the forms for 2014on blank paper, they will include the year “2015” because the year is a part of the government-approved form.
  • If you choose to print the forms for 2014 on preprinted forms, QuickBooks Desktop might not print the information in the correct locations. QuickBooks Desktop will print the form details aligned for the 2015 form.

6-  In the Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 window, select the employees you are printing for. You can also click Mark All to select all employees displayed.

7-  Click Print/E-file. This will open the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window.

Things to remember:

  • In the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window, the items (or copies) are listed by recipients(For employees, For employer, and For government).
  • Make sure you print the W-2 Copy D, the Employer filing instructions for W-2 and W-3 forms, and the W-3 for your records.
  • If you are filing Forms W-2 and W-3 electronically with the Social Security Administration, do not mail Copy A.
  • If Boxes 12 or 14 contain more than 4 lines, a second form prints the overflow information. (The additional form displays only the name, address, and overflow information.)

8- You may now print your W-2 Forms.

Using blank / perforated paper

1.In the Print W-2 and W-3 Forms window, select Blank / Perforated Paper.

2.Select the item (or copy) you want to print. You can print one item (or copy) only at a time except for W-2 Copies B, 2, and C.

3.  Load your printer with blank or perforated paper. QuickBooks Desktop will print simultaneously for all employees selected per item (or copy). Make sure you have enough paper in your printer to complete the job.

4.Click Print.

Using preprinted forms:

  1. Select Preprinted Forms.
  2. Select the item (or copy) you want to print. You can select and print one item (or copy) only at a time.

III. Perform a print test to check and adjust preprinted forms alignment. Any adjustments you make will remain until you change them.

  1. Load your printer with the preprinted form of the item (or copy) you have selected and click Print.
  2. Select another item to print, load your printer with the preprinted form of the item (or copy) you have selected, and click Print. Do the same until you have printed all the items (or copies).
  3. Load your printer with the preprinted form for W-3.

VII. Click Print.

9-When done, click Close Window.

prepare w-2 forms

Other tasks before or after printing W2:

To set QuickBooks Desktop to automatically archive the W-2 form(s) after e-filing or printing:

1.Follow step 1 to step 6 of Printing W-2.

2.Click Close Window

3.In the Payroll Tax Form page, make sure that the Automatically create an archive when I e-file or print checkbox is selected.

This automatically saves the form (PDF format) in a default location whenever you e-file or print the form.

To view archived W-2 forms that have been e-sfiled or printed:

1.Choose Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Process Payroll Forms.

2.In the Filing History section, in the Saved Filings tab, a list of forms (in PDF format) printed or e-filed are listed here.

3.To open the form, click the link of the filed form under the Saved PDF column.

To save a draft of the W-2 form(s):

1.Follow step 1 to step 6 of Printing W-2.

2.Click Close Window.

3.In the Payroll Tax Form page, click Save as PDF.

4.Select a location where you want to save a draft of your W-2s.

5.Click Save.

To email the W-2 from Adobe Reader:

  • Choose FileSend > Page by Email; or
  • Save as an attachment and add it as an attachment to your email.

Filing limitations:-

QuickBooks Desktop has the following limitation when printing payroll forms

1.QuickBooks cannot prepare your W-2/W-3 forms because the total earnings for the selected employees is greater than $9,999,999.99. QuickBooks forms do not support values that large.

2.QuickBooks cannot prepare your state or federal forms because you have more than 800 employees.

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How to Change User Permissions in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks accounting software offers the support to multiple users. The user can easily access any file and perform any task and function. They can customize permissions for other customers with limited actions. For example, all the workers in their small and medium business probably require to access the QuickBooks Time tracking tool to login into their working hours. Some employees require to access inventory management sheets etc. Since there are many access points you have to go through, thus today we will find out “how to change user permissions in QuickBooks” all with ease.

Restricting user permissions keeps their company details secure and assist in limit errors.

How to Change User Permissions in QuickBooks?

In this blog we are discussing about how to change User Permissions in QuickBooks in below steps. The user will easily understand these steps. If any time they are facing challenges to follow these steps, they can call on Technical Support Number for QuickBooks.

How to change user permissions in QuickBooks

  • Click on company in the software menu bar.
  • Tick on set up users and password.
  • Choose the set-up users and tick on the open the user list into dialog box.
  • Tick on the name of the customer whose permission they want to change. Tick on the edit user. Open the user’s access window.
  • Tick on the three access levels, go into QuickBooks and choose the selected area of QuickBooks and external accountant. The first option gives the complete access except the user personal details. Choose either and tick on Next to end the process. Choose the second point and tick on Next to additional customizes permissions.
  • Tick on no access or full access. Click on selective access in every of the next nine screens.
  • Tick on finish

The user can follow the above given solution steps to resolve their error permanently. Anytime the user require few internal support with QuickBooks, the user can connect with their QuickBooks Technical Support Number. We are third party professional team which has remarkable QuickBooks support desk consisting of knowledgeable QuickBooks experts who connected with the QuickBooks related error on system running on window operating system.

The user can get in touch with one of their QuickBooks technical support by dialing at their toll free helpline number.

Fix Sage 50 Installation Issues on Windows XP: Call 1800-865-4183

Many a times Sage 50 users come across issues while installing the latest version of the software on Windows XP operating system. To help you install your Sage 50 successfully on your computer, we have put this article together.

If there is an on-screen pop up “Not a valid Win32 application”, it means that there is an error which needs to be fixed.  In this article we have explained how to fix installation issues on Windows XP. If you are unable to go through these steps yourself, you can chat with us at our Sage Chat support portal and get help online.

Sage 50 installation issues: Reasons

  • You are installing Sage 50 accounting software on an incompatible computer.
  • Windows XP doesn’t support NET Framework 4.5.2’s installation or Visual C++ 2012.
  • Another main reason is the base of Sage 50 accounting software is Microsoft. NET Framework.

If the reason is because of any of the above given points then there may arise problems while installing the program. The easiest thing you can do to fix this very problem is ask for Sage Installation Support any time of the day.

Fixes to help your installation smoother

  • As discussed, the main base of Sage50 software is Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5. This isn’t available for Windows XP, but if you need to do
  • The user needs to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7

Follow the below mentioned steps to upgrade to Windows 7

To upgrade Sage firstly you would need to uninstall Windows XP from your computer and then install Windows 7.

Ensure that you transfer all important files and settings to an external hard drive. You can use Windows Easy Transfer tool for this process.

  • Download and run Windows 7.
  • Make sure that you check if there is proper backup and that all the requirements are met for Windows 7. Then run the installation.
  • Download Windows 7 ISO for Windows product key.
  • Now, boot from the installation media. It is important that this is inserted in to your computer.
  • Reboot your computer. After that, enter BIOS. It can be either Delete or Function key.
  • It is important to change the boot device priority. Ensure to set the installation media at the top.
  • Windows 7 installation will start now and set the language as preferred. The installation process may take some time to finish.
  • Ensure to set Language, keyboard settings.
  • Once the installation completes, your system will automatically reboot with the new operating system.

Now, launch Easy Transfer Tool, follow the instructions to reinstate your data.

After you upgrade the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, you can successfully install Sage 50 accounting software. Ensure to perform these steps only if you are confident about your technical skills or seek expert advice. You may also call our Sage 50 technical support phone number or discuss your problems with live chat team. We’re always there to guide you at any point.

Upgrade yearly to avoid Sage 50 errors

If you were looking for a good business management software that also doubles up as an accounting tool, Sage 50 is one of the best in the market. Sage 50 accounting software makes your life easier with its unmatched user interface and excellent user experience.

You can conduct tasks related to any accounting process, whether it is cash flow management or managing inventory.

However it’s important to upgrade sage 50 yearly to avoid any errors and to use the latest version.  If you want your accounting information to remain safe and secure, make sure that you install Sage 50 correctly, and that you regularly upgrade and update your software. Updates include security patches that safeguard your data from being vulnerable to threats.

Finding it difficult to setup on your own?

Sage 50 Installation Support

Our Sage 50 technical team is there to help you with any questions that you may have related to Sage 50 accounting software. If you need expert advice, call us on our toll free number <TFN> to resolve all your issues in the most efficient and in timely manner.

  • You may call us on 1800-865-4183 round the clock to reach our Sage 50 helpline.
  • Our tech helpdesk agents are friendly, and will help you patiently no matter what your questions.
  • They will answer all kinds of queries related to Sage 50 or related products.
  • You can avoid feeling insecure during installation if you do not have technical knowledge, as our agents will help you during the process.