Cooling Down Your Home With Fans

Ceiling Fan:

When it comes to remodeling your home, sometimes people are fast to get rid of their ceiling fans. After all, old ceiling fans are not very attractive. Most of them are brown faux wood finished and they look like they belong in your great grandmother’s house. The good news is that you can still have ceiling fans in your home and be stylish. A contemporary ceiling fan is a great way to get through this style problem while not compromising your comfort.

When you are choosing your contemporary ceiling fan you need to think about the location in which it will go. If you are looking for an indoor fan, be sure you look at indoor models. If you are searching for best outdoor ceiling fan, be sure to look for an outdoors one. The reason for this has a lot to do with the materials the fans are made of. Those that are intended only for indoor areas will not be resistant to water or morning dew. However, those specifically labeled for outdoor use can be used outside without a problem.

There are so many fans to choose from (Hunter, Casablanca, Harbor Breeze, Whisper, Emerson ceiling fan, etc.). While some will be just as ugly as the one you are taking down, others are quite contemporary and stylish. You can go to your local home improvement store and take a look at their selection. Many furniture and home decor stores will also carry very stylish versions of the traditional ceiling fan. Online you will be able to see what is available, how much it will cost, and where you can see it up close. It is sometimes easier to do this first instead of traveling from store to store. When you have it a little list of what you want to see, then you can go to the store and see it. You will then be able to feel good about your decision making process.

Ceiling fans can make a room. They can bring the whole style and design together and many can’t live without their fans. So, it really works for everyone. Some will even design their room from the ceiling fan they pick out, but that is quite unusual. Many people love having a ceiling fan in the kitchen in case they accidentally burn something and need to get the smoke out of the room. Of course there are small fans on most new home stoves, but they do very little to get rid of smoke. In addition, some people love to sleep with a fan on in their room. A contemporary ceiling fan does a great job of giving people just enough air circulation to appease someone, without making the room too cold.

Tower Fan:

Tower fans were invented to provide maximum circulation and cooling while taking up minimum space. Because of the unique tower design these devices require very little lateral space to sit and even to rotate, or oscillate. A tower fan will provide cooling air for a substantial space. In fact most consumers are surprised by the range and power of these fans. While not categorized as a floor fan, the tower fan has a compact, smart design that allows it to work very efficiently. As a result a tower fan will almost always outperform standard box or oscillating round fans of comparable size.

Remote tower fans are a great innovation in the tower fan product line. These remote control fans give you ease of use and adjustment at a distance of up to 30ft. This is perfect for a home office, allowing you to avoid leaving your desk for every adjustment. Also remote tower fans are great for the T.V. room, enabling a user to control oscillation, speed, and power without leaving the recliner. Initially the remote function was used as an “option” included with a higher priced tower fan. But at the time of this writing the majority of tower fans include a remote control, and some remote units even integrate a flashlight for use in a dark room.

Some earlier model tower fans were stationary devices, but the majority of modern tower fans oscillate for greater circulation of air. Because of the vertical structure, a tower fan can occupy a very small corner and pivot to cool a large 90 degree zone. Many customers report being able to feel a cooling breeze up to 25 feet from the tower fan. Even large rooms within your home can benefit from oscillating tower fans. Because of a tighter compression utility, air pushed through a tower fan feels more concentrated, and therefore much cooler than air blown from a standard fan. Tower fans are quickly becoming the top consumer choice in portable cooling and circulation devices. These fans are also very light and easy to move. And they are typically less noisy than standard round oscillating fans.