Error -6190, 816 when opening a company file

In QuickBooks, Error 6190, 816 is the most encountered error, especially while opening the company file. At times, while opening the organizational file user suddenly come across this error which might be because of several unrecognized issues. Sometimes, the company files and the transaction log file are unmatchable and thus the company files get damaged. It might lead to misplace of some essential company file that is saved in QuickBooks folder.

Error -6190, 816 when opening a company file
Error -6190, 816 when opening a company file

It is actually a technical issue which should be solved in the preliminary stage to avoid further issues. This issue appears with pops up error message as “QuickBooks is incapable to open the organizational file on the hosted system.” The message represents that the user can’t access QuickBooks organizational file. However, you don’t need to be frustrated because our technical experts are specialized in solving any QuickBooks errors

Reason for QuickBooks Error Code 6190 and 816:

  • Basically, this error occurs when another user is logged into the organizational file in a single user mode.
  • This error occurs when Transaction log (.TLG) is unmatched with organizational Data File (.QBW) file.
  • This error also occurs when QuickBooks file is updated on another system without the.TLG file.

Resolution to solve QuickBooks Error 6190 and 816

Method I: By Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:

  • First of all Download and install “QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Start the tool.
  • After that logged in yourself as Administrator.
  • It will provide you with two options which you need to select as Both file harm and Network connectivity only
  • Choose the first option from the list as it would detect the corrupted and damaged files and also it helps to fix the error -6190.
  • Enter your Admin password in the password box
  • It will then inquire whether the organization file is on Server or Workstation
  • Click “No” if you are using from Workstation and Choose “Yes” if you’re using the organization file and Press “Continue.”

Method II: Fix the mismatch:

  • Open the organization file
  • The transaction log file and organization file might have the same name but different location
  • The left files should be Rename immediately by right-clicking the mouse and selecting Rename option, don’t remove the extension that’s required as a part of the name of any files.
  • Also, rename the transaction logged in a file which requires to be done after that
  • Restart the system
  • Again, start the QuickBooks and try to login in the organization file

Method III: Check in Single Mode User

  • Check that all users have logged out of the QuickBooks Data file
  • Reboot the system
  • Then copy the data file in the desktop or in another destination apart from its source
  • Again copy the data to the original location.
  • Sign into QuickBooks

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Following with the above article, we are sure that you are no longer struggling to fix the QuickBooks Error code 6190, 816 when opening to company file. However, if more information and support is needed to find out a way out to this error, our team experts will provide you the best solution. They are well-proficient, well-trained and experienced technical professional who properly understand your error and solve in a limited time. To contact our technical team, just call at Ask For Accounting helpline number 1800-865-4183 and also connect through Quickbooks Online Chat Support.

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