Resolve QuickBooks Error C=47, Service Number: 1800-865-4183

QuickBooks helps us in dealing with the financial and accounting needs of our company. However, at times the situation gets out of hands when we are required to fix an error before proceeding with any kind of process both on the Desktop and Online versions.

One such error that creates tremendous troubles for us is QuickBooks Error C=47. You can resolve this error with the help of the self-help guide provided by the AskForAccounting QuickBooks tech support help-team.

Description: When you are trying to run a report or open a file, an error pops-up on your computer screen. The error states that QuickBooks is unable to find the Transactions. The error also occurs in the situations where we are trying to remove the transaction from a report. The error shows up with the code C=47. There are some files related to this error (Presumably, responsible for the error). Contact our QuickBooks experts to know about them, you will need to look out for them and delete them afterwards.

Resolve QuickBooks Error C=47

Fixing the QuickBooks Error C 47: Follow the instructions carefully to be able to resolve the problem quickly:

  1. Updating the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest available version is the first thing you need to do.
  2. Once QuickBooks is updated, you will be required to re-sort the lists by following the method given below:
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Chart Of Accounts.
    3. Now, click on View menu and click on Re-sort Lists.
    4. Click the Item List to select it.
  3. Once you have completed the process mentioned above, you should re-sort the customer list as well by following the process mentioned below:
    1. Go to the Customer Centre and click it. Next, choose Customer and Jobs.
    2. Click on View Menu.
    3. Click on Resort List.
  4. Finally, shut down your QuickBooks and any other related service that is running in the background.
  5. Reopen QuickBooks to see if the changes have been applied.
  6. Once the changes are applied, the error disappears.

Alternative Methods: You can shut down your QuickBooks and re-open it to see if the problem is gone. This is the simplest method to resolve the issue. If the error persists, we advise you to speak to one of our QuickBooks tech support experts to help you out in dealing with the issue head-on.

Resolve QuickBooks Error C=47

The methods given above to resolve the QuickBooks Error C=47 are tested and verified. This error affects the computer systems running on Windows Operating Software.

If the error does not go away even after following the methods given above, we recommend you to speak with our AskForAccounting technical experts. They have years of experience in handling the QuickBooks related issues.

You can give us a call at our QuickBooks toll-free helpline number 1800-865-4183.